Smart House

Smart House – a set of solutions designed to provide the comfort and safety of human in his home. Usually, the system includes digital control unit, the actual elements of the system (devices and mechanisms performing different functions), sensors, timers and transmitters. In addition, there is the software part, a set of programs designed to optimize the system and make it easier.


Automation of everyday processes.

Creating and maintaining a comfortable environment without human intervention.

Savings due to the constant control of energy processes, water consumption, heat, and so on

Creating an optimal indoor climate and maintaining it.

The ability to inform the owner of any changes in the house during his absence.

Smart House

Smart House was founded in 2005 by group of experts in the field of IT technologies, engineering and design.

Throughout all time, Smart House offers for reasonable prices high-quality services of programming and system installation of «smart house».

Smart House offers the wide range of electromaterials and all necessary equipment for installation of «smart house».

The company has experience of implementation of projects, both in the territory of Latvia and beyond its limits. It should be noted that throughout all time a number of projects in London, Moscow and other cities of the world were realized.

At installation of smart house, experts of Smart House use only high-quality materials, such firms as JUNG, HAGER, GIRA, ABB and others.

All projects are realized on the modern KNX technology, which is an international standard.

Smart House team has competent professionals, who were trained in the field of installation, programming and «smart house» system creation.

The individual approach and exact understanding of wishes of the client is the main mission of Smart House.