“Smart House” – an artificial intelligence, creating conditions for the work of the house without outside interference. The system works automatically: captures all the changes taking place in the apartment, and regulates them. The main advantage of the technology is to bring together all the subsystems that are present in the house, one large and interconnected complex, which is managed automatically.

The basic system KNX is available to anyone and can be applied to any apartment. On the request of the owner to his arrival the system will turn on the heating and warm the house. Everything starting with control of devices and finishing with SMS-notification of alarm conditions – all this is possible with the technology of “smart house”.

A short overview of the system KNX

 Lighting control – it is control of all lighting fixtures in the apartment and in the garden. This is possible since all the light sources are in one network and connected to the system.

Lights are regulated with:

  • remote control;

  • switches and circuit breakers;

  • sensors;

  • panels.

 This integration allows you to manage at the same time all the light sources and control the power consumption. In addition to convenience, the technology saves energy and, respectively, and money.

Climate control – a handy feature that allows you to control operations of all devices of the following systems simultaneously:

  • Heating.

  • Air conditioning.

  • Ventilation.



 Climate control technology is fully implemented in the house and is one of the most convenient features of “smart home”. It can set the desired temperature in the rooms and select specific settings for individual rooms, as well as adhere to a given constant temperature. The climate control system is to manage:

  • under-floor heating;

  • the temperature in the sauna or bath;

  • climate in the conservatory;

  • temperature in the pools or greenhouses.

 And all this convenience can be purchased at very attractive price.


 This technology is the most demanded by buyers of “smart home”. With this feature, it is possible to manage all video and audio sources. Moreover, not only can turn on and off devices, but also to broadcast video and audio in different rooms. For example, running your favorite music on the computer in the office, you can enjoy it in the basement or in the kitchen, where you can configure the desired broadcasting. Same thing with the video equipment – all customizable to the needs and desires of the owner.

 The technology of “smart home KNX” – is a system that provides control over the house, and full control of them. With this system, you can’t be afraid of robbery, or spend hours on the air conditioner setting – all this will make the “smart house”.