Discussing the subject of home automation it is necessary to pay attention to a technology what is a long time on the market. Currently KNX is one of the most common technology for use in a variety of automation including commercial premises. First time on the KNX has been mentioned more than 20 years ago and during that time technology has successfully achieved the support of most major electronics manufacturers such as ABB, Gira and Schneider Electric.

The main features of KNX are: guaranteed compatibility between devices from different manufacturers, a single software tool (Engineering Tool Software, abbreviated – ETS) for the planning, development and implementation of the project and the official Certification courses. From a technical point of view, the solutions allow you to implement all popular automation scripts, including lighting, climate control and security.

Many of the described situations (including remote management, security, energy savings and extended automation) require going beyond the technology itself – for example, using multi-function controllers, interfaces, interface units and other equipment. However KNX can ensure their effective interaction with the basic actuators, sensors and controls.

In practical terms, the KNX not focused on the market “Do It Yourself” (DIY) but for professional installers who work at the facilities of medium and large scale private and commercial sectors, where it is important to provide reliable and trouble-free work solutions and minimize the additional service.