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Why do you need it?
If you wonder whether the smart home KNX is needed, then the answer is – yes of course. Smart home system will serve several functions, which will not only make life easier, make it more comfortable and enjoyable, but also the system performs a safety function, both the home and its owners, and will take care of saving money.

Human comfort is associated not only with the creation of pleasant living conditions. Although it is very important. After all it would be nice to return home when everything is prepared: the territory lit, the gate opens at the entrance to the house, using the climate control system optimal temperature is set up in the house, even the bath can be filled with hot water and a kettle is boiled. Comfort is in the fact that the smart home system will save time to his owner. The time these days has become particularly valuable because the rhythm of life has grown and sometimes it is not enough time to communicate with relatives, for work and hobbies.

The issue of security is also important. Everyone cares about the safety of their property, of their own safety and that of safety of their loved ones. Smart home system will be a great help for this. It turns on security cameras just in time, and will send information about any incident to the owner. Also, the system will keep track of potential problems in engineering systems of the house. If necessary, gives an advice to check water or gas.

In the absence of the owners of the house, it can be turned in standby mode. The temperature can be lowered, floor heating can be operated at a minimum, extra equipment and sockets switched off. House will not waste energy in vain.

With the help of smart home, you can control children. Coming home from school the children will not be able to sit down immediately in front of TV, the switching-on of which can be locked to a specific time. First lessons then entertainment. You can also provide automatic shutdown of equipment in the children’s room in the evening after a certain hour.

System functions now allow to put in the artificial intelligence of the most diverse actions. Accordingly, the smart house KNX can be completely adjusted to the desires and mood of the owner.