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Altum support

What kind of work is supported? Improving energy efficiency Execution of construction works in the enclosing constructions of a residential house Purchase, refurbishment, conversion or construction of engineering systems (eg heating and ventilation equipment) Purchase and installation of a new water heating equipment Purchase and installation of thermal energy technological equipment to ensure the production […]

Smart House

  “Smart House” – an artificial intelligence, creating conditions for the work of the house without outside interference. The system works automatically: captures all the changes taking place in the apartment, and regulates them. The main advantage of the technology is to bring together all the subsystems that are present in the house, one large […]


Pre-inspection Before you install in an apartment or in a country house intelligent smart home KNX technology, experts of the company «Smart house» conduct detailed pre-project survey. This set of procedures designed to objectively assess the basic conditions on which the project is being developed – intelligent system automation of life. Primary analysis of the […]


Why do you need it? If you wonder whether the smart home KNX is needed, then the answer is – yes of course. Smart home system will serve several functions, which will not only make life easier, make it more comfortable and enjoyable, but also the system performs a safety function, both the home and […]


KNX Discussing the subject of home automation it is necessary to pay attention to a technology what is a long time on the market. Currently KNX is one of the most common technology for use in a variety of automation including commercial premises. First time on the KNX has been mentioned more than 20 years […]

Popular set

Popular set from Smart house 1. Climate control The room will be kept at the set temperature. In case of temperature drop, the signal will be sent for opening the valve for underfloor heating, which will affect the temperature increase to the set level. In case of too hot weather conditions, the signal will be […]