Popular set

Popular set from Smart house

1. Climate control
The room will be kept at the set temperature. In case of temperature drop, the signal will be sent for opening the valve for underfloor heating, which will affect the temperature increase to the set level. In case of too hot weather conditions, the signal will be sent to conditioner . In this way, house will be kept at the set temperature all the time. All these operations do not need any human inetvention, KNX system is fully automatic.

2. Curtain management
You will be able to open the blinds with a switch located in the room, as well as include them into any scenario, for example, close them while watching TV, the blinds every morning will open or will participate along with climate control when the temperature will be high.

3. Lighting automation
All lighting lines can be switched on and off from anywhere around the apartment, as for example, while in office you will be able to turn on the lights in the living room, or leaving the house you can turn off all the lights in the house and coming home by the set scenario with a single keystroke you can switch on the lights and get it lighting which will be chosen according to your mood. For example – Led lighting bra illumination will decrease by 30%, the upper ceiling lighting will decrease by 10%, on the kitchen table will turn 100% focused lighting. It is very convenient when you have a lot of lighting elements.

4. Door phone and video control
Door phone will be installed that will respond without leaving the bed, but using only the applications on your smartphone or computer. The camcorder focuses on the door, film and record all who will come to you. This information you can view for several weeks, because it will be saved to the video server.

5. Security system
Aside from the security system, it is an integrated system Smart House KNX and can inform about somebody is inside the premises and affect any process such a signal to turn on a light at night by 5% in order to go to the kitchen.

6. Central management
The main control panel that will be installed in the hall and will allow you to control all the elements which are connected to the Smart House KNX system, such as lighting, temperature in rooms, blinds, cameras, intercom, your mail, news. As well as the system is connected to a network this will allow you to control all the processes from other devices that will be connected to this network.