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Smart House


“Smart House” – an artificial intelligence, creating conditions for the work of the house without outside interference. The system works automatically: captures all the changes taking place in the apartment, and regulates them. The main advantage of the technology is to bring together all the subsystems that are present in the house, one large and interconnected complex, which is managed automatically.
The basic system KNX is available to anyone and can be applied to any apartment. On the request of the owner to his arrival the system will turn on the heating and warm the house. Everything starting with control of devices and finishing with SMS-notification of alarm conditions – all this is possible with the technology of “smart house”.

A short overview of the system KNX
Lighting control – it is control of all lighting fixtures in the apartment and in the garden. This is possible since all the light sources are in one network and connected to the system.
Lights are regulated with:
• remote control;
• switches and circuit breakers;
• sensors;
• panels.
This integration allows you to manage at the same time all the light sources and control the power consumption. In addition to convenience, the technology saves energy and, respectively, and money.

Climate control – a handy feature that allows you to control operations of all devices of the following systems simultaneously:
• Heating.
• Air conditioning.
• Ventilation.

Climate control technology is fully implemented in the house and is one of the most convenient features of “smart home”. It can set the desired temperature in the rooms and select specific settings for individual rooms, as well as adhere to a given constant temperature. The climate control system is to manage:
• under-floor heating;
• the temperature in the sauna or bath;
• climate in the conservatory;
• temperature in the pools or greenhouses.
And all this convenience can be purchased at very attractive price.

This technology is the most demanded by buyers of “smart home”. With this feature, it is possible to manage all video and audio sources. Moreover, not only can turn on and off devices, but also to broadcast video and audio in different rooms. For example, running your favorite music on the computer in the office, you can enjoy it in the basement or in the kitchen, where you can configure the desired broadcasting. Same thing with the video equipment – all customizable to the needs and desires of the owner.
The technology of “smart home KNX” – is a system that provides control over the house, and full control of them. With this system, you can’t be afraid of robbery, or spend hours on the air conditioner setting – all this will make the “smart house”.



Before you install in an apartment or in a country house intelligent smart home KNX technology, experts of the company «Smart house» conduct detailed pre-project survey. This set of procedures designed to objectively assess the basic conditions on which the project is being developed – intelligent system automation of life. Primary analysis of the characteristics of an apartment house or an industrial building (size, layout, existing communications), as well as the wishes of the customer to the functionality of the future system to optimize the costs of project development and installation of equipment.

Pre-project survey features installing Smart house KNX kit

Technical experts of our company at a time convenient for the customer travels to the object – to take photos and drawings. In addition to the collection of technical information, the engineer conducts an interview with the customer – to understand their needs and desires to the system automation. This is the first phase of the survey before the development of the project. Main purpose is to find the optimal way to implement all the requirements of the project with minimal cost.

Pre-inspection system for smart home includes the following procedures:

collect, organize and study the basic data of the object;
a detailed description of the technical condition of a residential home or commercial building, indicating the status of engineering communications, network infrastructure and equipment;
formation of goals and objectives, which should be resolved by a creative project;
calculation of the estimated costs for the design and implementation of intelligent smart home system and its maintenance;
definition of the boundary of the timing of the planned work on the installation of an integrated smart home control system.

The benefits of pre-examination by our specialists

Terms and time of the pre-project survey smart home to install the system discussed individually.
This work takes time, so choose the free time to our specialist could come to you. Ideally, the engineer must listen to the wishes of all family members – such information allows to pick up elements of the system to provide maximum comfort for all who live in the house or apartment.

What gives a preliminary assessment of the technical state of the object:

minimizing design time and installation of smart home;
perfect interaction of all elements of the system at the integrated management of smart home;
a significant reduction in resource consumption costs – lighting – up to 40% heating – 30%;
minimization of costs for the development and installation of ready intelligent system;
smooth operation of all systems, even if you are away on a long trip.

The reasons why you will be beneficial to buy a smart home KNX technology in our company

The main advantages include our extensive practical experience in the development, implementation and management of IT systems of varying complexity and purpose. Most of our customers are permanent, many come on the recommendation (after see the smart home system in action). We always try to reduce the cost for the installation and management of the system, accompany all our projects, we carry out the management and control, we give a guarantee for our work.


Why do you need it?
If you wonder whether the smart home KNX is needed, then the answer is – yes of course. Smart home system will serve several functions, which will not only make life easier, make it more comfortable and enjoyable, but also the system performs a safety function, both the home and its owners, and will take care of saving money.

Human comfort is associated not only with the creation of pleasant living conditions. Although it is very important. After all it would be nice to return home when everything is prepared: the territory lit, the gate opens at the entrance to the house, using the climate control system optimal temperature is set up in the house, even the bath can be filled with hot water and a kettle is boiled. Comfort is in the fact that the smart home system will save time to his owner. The time these days has become particularly valuable because the rhythm of life has grown and sometimes it is not enough time to communicate with relatives, for work and hobbies.

The issue of security is also important. Everyone cares about the safety of their property, of their own safety and that of safety of their loved ones. Smart home system will be a great help for this. It turns on security cameras just in time, and will send information about any incident to the owner. Also, the system will keep track of potential problems in engineering systems of the house. If necessary, gives an advice to check water or gas.

In the absence of the owners of the house, it can be turned in standby mode. The temperature can be lowered, floor heating can be operated at a minimum, extra equipment and sockets switched off. House will not waste energy in vain.

With the help of smart home, you can control children. Coming home from school the children will not be able to sit down immediately in front of TV, the switching-on of which can be locked to a specific time. First lessons then entertainment. You can also provide automatic shutdown of equipment in the children’s room in the evening after a certain hour.

System functions now allow to put in the artificial intelligence of the most diverse actions. Accordingly, the smart house KNX can be completely adjusted to the desires and mood of the owner.



Discussing the subject of home automation it is necessary to pay attention to a technology what is a long time on the market. Currently KNX is one of the most common technology for use in a variety of automation including commercial premises. First time on the KNX has been mentioned more than 20 years ago and during that time technology has successfully achieved the support of most major electronics manufacturers such as ABB, Gira and Schneider Electric.

The main features of KNX are: guaranteed compatibility between devices from different manufacturers, a single software tool (Engineering Tool Software, abbreviated – ETS) for the planning, development and implementation of the project and the official Certification courses. From a technical point of view, the solutions allow you to implement all popular automation scripts, including lighting, climate control and security.

Many of the described situations (including remote management, security, energy savings and extended automation) require going beyond the technology itself – for example, using multi-function controllers, interfaces, interface units and other equipment. However KNX can ensure their effective interaction with the basic actuators, sensors and controls.

In practical terms, the KNX not focused on the market “Do It Yourself” (DIY) but for professional installers who work at the facilities of medium and large scale private and commercial sectors, where it is important to provide reliable and trouble-free work solutions and minimize the additional service.

Popular set

Popular set from Smart house

1. Climate control
The room will be kept at the set temperature. In case of temperature drop, the signal will be sent for opening the valve for underfloor heating, which will affect the temperature increase to the set level. In case of too hot weather conditions, the signal will be sent to conditioner . In this way, house will be kept at the set temperature all the time. All these operations do not need any human inetvention, KNX system is fully automatic.

2. Curtain management
You will be able to open the blinds with a switch located in the room, as well as include them into any scenario, for example, close them while watching TV, the blinds every morning will open or will participate along with climate control when the temperature will be high.

3. Lighting automation
All lighting lines can be switched on and off from anywhere around the apartment, as for example, while in office you will be able to turn on the lights in the living room, or leaving the house you can turn off all the lights in the house and coming home by the set scenario with a single keystroke you can switch on the lights and get it lighting which will be chosen according to your mood. For example – Led lighting bra illumination will decrease by 30%, the upper ceiling lighting will decrease by 10%, on the kitchen table will turn 100% focused lighting. It is very convenient when you have a lot of lighting elements.

4. Door phone and video control
Door phone will be installed that will respond without leaving the bed, but using only the applications on your smartphone or computer. The camcorder focuses on the door, film and record all who will come to you. This information you can view for several weeks, because it will be saved to the video server.

5. Security system
Aside from the security system, it is an integrated system Smart House KNX and can inform about somebody is inside the premises and affect any process such a signal to turn on a light at night by 5% in order to go to the kitchen.

6. Central management
The main control panel that will be installed in the hall and will allow you to control all the elements which are connected to the Smart House KNX system, such as lighting, temperature in rooms, blinds, cameras, intercom, your mail, news. As well as the system is connected to a network this will allow you to control all the processes from other devices that will be connected to this network.